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A Guy’s Perspective gives me the opportunity to communicate with you, as rep-advisors, on a more personal level.  My hope is to give you tools and ideas that may help you reach your goals, and help your clients realize their dreams. The Plains Vision Blog is a place where we can discuss important topics, new trends and current circumstances.  My primary focus will be on the best ways to perceive, understand and communicate with clients the complexities and opportunities of the investment and advisory arena. I invite you to join in and become part of the discussion by commenting under each post.

Jim Guy – First Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

How are you after the fall?

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My late mother and her family were originally from rural Kentucky. When I was a child, my sisters and I went to visit our extended family there. Having been born in southern California (where my dad was a Marine) and having lived in Baltimore, I thought Kentucky was like visiting Mars. By the time I was a teenager I looked for things to do that would give me a break from my relatives. One such adventure is something I never told anyone, but the recent news brought it to mind for the first time in 50 years.  Read more

The country is still undiscovered.

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In January I wrote a short piece about how the world changes for us and how the future is an undiscovered country that we are allowed to explore and discover.  To start the discussion, I referenced the idea that the ancients (as well as many filmmakers, book sellers, and survivalist businesses) have predicted that all will end on December 21.  Helen told me this morning that she believes the last minute Christmas gift shopping will be wild starting on Saturday, December 22. Read more

“Put America First”

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Rick Santelli of CNBC is urging politicians to “rise above”, “reach across the aisle”, and do something about the imposing threat of the “fiscal cliff”.

The 236-year experiment in democracy called the United States has experienced another turn and faces a new challenge between now and the end of 2012. Most agree that if our leaders in Washington do not put the welfare of the public and the condition of the economy ahead of perceived gain for themselves, their parties, or belief systems, we face some serious problems. Read more